Welcome to my web site! Thanks for dropping in. Nothing too extraordinary here, but there have been a few things along that way that have occurred that may be of interest. Some of those are over on the Blog page.

I’m a retired U.S. Army euphoniumist and have managed to survive a few years playing that relatively unknown instrument. Some commentary before and after the Army are shown on the various tabs. I’ve stayed active with music, expanding my forays in bass trombone, tuba (BBb and Eb) and tenor trombone. About 3 years ago I took several lessons on the double bass, but regrettably I haven’t done much with it since. Hopefully after retirement there will be more time to study more thoroughly.

Following my retirement from the Army in 1995, I went to work within regulated industry as a quality assurance professional. In seeking more responsibility and challenges, I and Margaret have moved from Michigan, to Illinois, Tennessee, Utah, Ohio, Missouri, Mississippi, and we will most likely move again fairly soon.

I wrote a book entitled 298th Army Band: A History, which may be of interest for military musicians, especially those who served in West Berlin during the Cold War. I was fortunate and blessed in having Harry Reinert edit this work. He kicked my butt and kept me honest.

So this is my little corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy your stay!